November 13, 2019

Camille & Bunny

An Elopement Adventure in Lancelin

On a Wednesday afternoon, Camille, Bunny, Dilhari (celebrant extraordinaire), myself and a small guest crew of five gathered in the park and the two of them said their vows in a sweet and simple ceremony by the Canning River. Camille wore wildflowers, the crickets chirped, Kiss Me You Fool Dilhari worked her magic once again, happy tears were cried, and it was perfect from start to finish. After the ceremony, friends and family stayed back for a picnic lunch, the three of us ducked into the bush for some newly-married snaps, and they legitimately couldn’t keep the grins off their faces (if I’m being totally honest, I was cheesing pretty hard as well).

As much as I love little understated elopements that are beautiful in their simplicity, this particular runaway wedding was twofold. In the months leading up to their elopement, Camille and I had been chatting about making their experience a bit epic, and we decided we had to include the Lancelin Sand Dunes as a backdrop. It’s a rather difficult location for an elopement (there’s a bit of a trek for guests involved and a vehicle has to be up for the challenge) but if you have the chance to ever get photos there, take it. Lancelin is an intensely surreal place to be, and nearly impossible to take a bad shot. The sun painted a pastel evening, we kicked off our shoes for a play, the wind brought sweet relief from the water, and these two lovers let me tag along to their first adventure as a married couple.