February 25, 2020

Ben & Bek | A Moody Fremantle Warehouse Wedding

I’m still so in love with Ben and Bek’s Fremantle wedding day. As a photographer (and as a bride or groom, I imagine), it’s pretty hard not to get nervous when rain is in the forecast for the entire day. Everyone, myself included, loves to froth over “golden hour” and “sunset photos” but this wedding actually made me fall in love with rain & the way it upped the romance factor by like 10. I don’t mean a nice, soft overcast for even lighting, I mean DARK, rolling clouds and consistent heavy rainfall. 

A massive shoutout to Stackwood Hall for giving us a clean, dry space for some group photos, but the real legends were Ben and Bek for taking literally everything in stride – not expecting anything from Mother Nature, being totally willing to get a bit wet and huddling together with their wedding party under cheap Kmart umbrellas for the shot, and just being so stoked to finally be married to each other that nothing else really mattered. 

Also. If you got through the part where Ben watched his wife walk down the aisle towards him and you didn’t shed a tear, you’re a stronger person than I am. 

Venues: Fremantle Prison and Wilkinson Gallery  |  Blooms: Covet Collect  |  Cape-sleeved gown: Hues of Vintage