Come join me at the crossroads of fine art and feel-good. The Venn diagram of carefree, casual, and chic. Where sleek meets traditional, where modern meets memory. 
You get the idea.

welcome to MY corner of the web.

I'm amanda afton

If the accent stumps you, I'm American (not Canadian), but only barely. I’m from Minnesota and grew up hours from the northern border and we share a lot of Canada-isms with our neighbour. I'm a small-town country girl who fell in love with an Australian boy and followed my heart to the literal other side of the world.

It often manifests in jokes and lighthearted sarcasm, but I’m a HUGE softie and romantic. When Blake and I first started our relationship, it was from opposite ends of the globe, and we even spent the first year of marriage apart. That phase of our story has played a huge part in shaping my philosophy toward life and consequently, the way I shoot. It taught me to prioritise the people you love, let the little things go, say what you mean, and make real, meaningful memories and keep them close.

I fall in love with all the things that I photograph. It’s probably outside the bounds of my job description, but I just think you’re all so beautiful and your stories become so special to me. I feel things deeply, and that includes a responsibility to help you leave your legacy. I strive to give you photos that feel truly you (not just as a catchy website tagline).

In my downtime, you’ll find me nurturing my introvert heart at home, snuggled up with our pup and a coffee on the couch, or puttering around the garden. Current endeavours include trying to keep my roses alive, being more aware of my health (both physical and mental), and learning how to cook more than tacos and pasta. I love meeting new people and I’m a sucker for a good love story, but hours of small talk will exhaust me. If you want to connect, let’s talk about love, ambition, what challenges you, what scares you, and what gets you excited.

I don't pick favourites - the best moments are every single one