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If the accent stumps you, I'm American (not Canadian), but only barely. I’m from Minnesota and grew up hours from the northern border and we share a lot of Canada-isms with our neighbour (think "Sure, you betcha" and "Oh fer cute"). I'm a small-town country girl who fell in love with an Australian boy and hauled ass halfway across the world for him.

I don’t express it well in person, but I’m a HUGE softie and romantic. When Blake (the man candy) and I first started our relationship, it was from opposite ends of the globe, and we even spent the first year of marriage apart. That phase of our story has played a huge part in shaping my philosophy toward life and consequently, the way I shoot. It taught me to prioritise the people you love, let the little things go, say what you mean, and make real, meaningful memories and keep them close.

I fall in love with every single one of my clients. Yeah, it’s probably outside the bounds of my job description, but I just think you’re all so beautiful and your stories become so special to me. I feel things deeply, and that includes a responsibility to help you leave your legacy.

In my downtime, you’ll find me nurturing my introvert heart at home, snuggled up with a coffee in the corner of our couch, or bumming around in a t-shirt and mom jeans. Current endeavours include trying to keep my plants alive, being more healthy, and learning how to cook more than tacos and pasta. I love meeting new people and I’m a sucker for a good love story, but hours of small talk will exhaust me. If you want to be my friend for life, let’s talk about love, ambition, what challenges you, what scares you, and what excites you.


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Frequntly Asked Questions



Should we have a pre-wedding session?

If being in front of the camera isn't your thing (and it's normal for it not to be), then the pre-wedding session will be your friend. These sessions are a good chance to hang out with me before the wedding and realise that getting your photos taken is not nearly as intimidating as it sounds, and you get to be creative with location + style like you can't on your wedding day.


Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes, and before we go any further, I think it's SO important to get your photos printed. Albums are my absolute favourite way to do so, and I can get you anything from a fine art, lay-flat album to a guest book, to a paperback photo book, so budget ain't no thang.


How many hours of coverage should we get?

I structure my packages in time frames of 6, 8, and 10 hours, just based on popularity. I usually recommend six hours for prep until the beginning of your reception, eight hours if you want to get shots of the dance floor kicking off, and ten hours for longer days, more events, or more travel time. If none of those sound right, literally everything is customisable and we can come up with a timeline together over drinks.


Do you work with a second shooter?

As of 2020, I no longer include a second shooter in my packages by default. My main reason for that is I want to give my couples the best possible images and I feel the best way to do that confidently is by having as much control over your photos as possible. That being said, sometimes the timeline requires a second photographer, and we can choose that option if necessary!


Will you be editing our images?

Yes, and I have strong feelings about this! I believe when you invest in your wedding photography, you've paid someone to tell your story all the way through, and you've paid someone for the hours of shooting as well as the hours of editing. I don't believe I can be fully invested in your legacy if I lose control of the edits and I don't believe someone else can properly choose your images without having been there for the event. I know that a lot of other photographers outsource their work, but for me, the process begins when I first e-mail you and ends when I hand over your full gallery.


How many images are included in our package?

The short answer is roughly 75-100 final images per hour of shooting. The long answer...there's no reason for me to keep images in order to keep your final gallery under a certain limit. If I believe an image to be a memory for you, you'll get it, because it's useless to me taking up space on a hard drive.



Amanda is a true artist - her photography style perfectly encapsulates the moment and reflects the atmosphere & love that was felt. Amanda makes the whole experience easy, relaxed and fun for even the most resistant of subjects!!! And the photos turned out so, so magical.

Julie & Travis

Amanda was our wedding photographer at our wedding in October. From the moment I made contact with Amanda she was a dream to work with! She is exceptionally professional, personable, organised, fun & a genius at what she does!!! She made my husband & I feel so comfortable on our wedding day, we loved having her there with us, like it was just us & a friend! The end results, our wedding photos, are magical and really capturing the vibe of our wedding! We would HIGHLY recommend Amanda to everyone, even if you aren't getting married!!!!

Marcelle & Dan

Couldn’t give a more glowing review if I tried! Amanda is the best! She was recommended for our wedding in February 2023 and I got everything I asked for. Bright, natural, comfortable photos that we will cherish forever. Can’t thank you enough for capturing every moment and providing us with faultless communication throughout the whole process.

UWA Bayside Kitchen Wedding - Lauren Mitch

Lauren & Mitch

A huge thank you to Amanda for being part of our special day. She has a great talent for finding those intimate and candid moments. She made me feel so relaxed on the day and was a pleasure to spend time with her to capture those special memories.

Rita & Warrick

I could not have asked for a more amazing photographer! We had no idea how put a wedding together until we met with Amanda and brought her onboard. She’s not a wedding planner but her vast experience was a great help and she even helped us create our time table for the event which became the foundation on which we built an epic wedding. On top of this she recommended some amazing vendors, and then of course there’s her bread and butter and the reason we hired her... the photos... oh gosh the amazing photos... we have only seen a sneak peek so far and they are beyond epic! The friends I’ve shown these photos to have all been amazed and some even welled up at the emotion she captured. I cannot thank you enough Amanda.

same sex wedding perth

Lex & Mark

Amanda is just brilliant, her work is absolutely incredible. She is a gorgeous person, so laidback and relaxed, yet very organised and professional. Our favourite part of the day was going for photos as a newly wedded couple with just Amanda, capturing every special moment so authentically and elegantly while allowing us to cherish that special hour. The photos are better than we could have possibly ever imagined.

Georgia & Jacob